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Feliks - 11/9/2014 um 10:32

Here historical figure .. then only the best solution was graph paper .. Figure was every day for 1 month used, when did this lathe crankshaft. The crankshaft has five supports and four crank, 90 degrees .. starting weight of the material (iron containing 5% cobalt) was 80 kg (160 lb) is the world's first practical crankshaft timing ..

Andrew :D

Feliks - 11/9/2014 um 10:33

And here's how it looks in the original .. It is not enough to come up with a way to the engine ... still need to know how to realize ... only together give a true effect ..

Andrew :D

Feliks - 17/1/2016 um 22:09

Here the newest model of the wind my car .. Only cosmetic changes on the outside .. :)

But inside the revolution ..
I present two screenshots of the simulator NASA airfoil and it is clear that at different angle of attack with a symmetrical profile, receive different values ??of lift .. From negative to positive .. or 160 KG positive, or 160 kg (320 lbs) negative (downward pushing sash) when changing the angle of attack of 30 degrees .. and dimensions of the wings 2, 5 meters square at a speed of 100 km / h (60 miles)

Well, this wing of their forces can drive the crankshaft directly ..
Here, the animation .. The angle of attack of the wing can change either electrically or mechanically (cam) There is no need for this high energy ..

Well needless to say that such a system also can work at creating their own wind ... ..

I had to publish it on Santa Claus, but that the climate summit a little hurried me .. Because after what happened there in May too tired and negotiate, as you no longer need .. maybe someone out there will send a telegram?:rolleyes:

Andrew :D

Feliks - 30/1/2019 um 05:59

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