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Feliks - 20/5/2011 um 19:43

Feliks - 27/5/2011 um 12:15

I wonder if that fly?

Andrew :) :)

Andrew - 31/5/2011 um 12:33

Originally posted by Feliks

On the pictures below you can see how small the venturi nozzle is to drive the gyroscopes in the strands. My finger and applied on the next hand, illustrate the size of the venturi tube. It is almost equal to the diameter of my finger. Now, please imagine how much energy to give the fan with the same diameter of my finger...

Regards Andrew

A venturi tube so small as my finger is able to propel a large heavy rotating disk gyroscope air to 10 000 RPM, and even walk through the air filter....

Since the gyroscope can be power, relatively high compared to the diameter of the venturi tubes (1 ") and he has the 2 ", then maybe you can do in F1 KERS Venturi "?
The air sucked into the engine can be sucked through a venturi tube so, resulting in a negative pressure to drive the gyroscope, which will keep energy....:tsk

That would be something like a turbine gives energy, but the intake pipe. Turbo :D

Regards Andrew :) :)

Andrew - 4/6/2011 um 01:13

Feliks - 21/6/2011 um 23:17

Another animation:

Regards Andrew :) :)

Feliks - 24/6/2011 um 01:16

Originally posted by monkeysandbearspants
Having digested the content of the thread i conclude that the answer could be one of these !!

However weight may be an issue and mostly certainly there would need to to be some boot modifications! x_ang.htm sp/awarie_remont/glowica_urw_zaw_isadora/glow_urw_zawor.htm g.htm

double bottom fo foam WKwdgY dno

large swimmer: 3oWghs

Regards Andrew :) :)

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Feliks - 3/7/2011 um 12:08

The Red Baron Windmill:

Due to the vacuum created by the wing, over which the wind flows, wind turbines in the channels of collective spin vacuum and provide energy....

Here you can see demonstrations of the film that created a vacuum at the top of the wing when the wind blows on him.
The resulting vacuum can suck the ball into the pipe passing through the wing.

By placing many of the holes on the top of the wing, use the vacuum on the entire surface of the wing. The Assembly shall meet in two sustaining supports and drives the suction fans to them with normal air pressure.
This will of course be used to produce energy,
and its amount will depend on the size of the system...

Regards Andrew :) :)

Feliks - 7/7/2011 um 11:33

Well, some developing:

Of course, you must use the entire art of loving wing aerodynamics.
And How companies grow one way: speed amplifier in the form of air intake venturi nozzle.

Well, and a new kind of wings...
Venturi nozzle flat... After all the two wings made contrary to each other..

Regards Andrew :) :)

Feliks - 9/7/2011 um 22:46

In other forum :


Those wings need endplates.

Seriously - using the flow in a secondary device means that a lot of the wind power is wasted, because the mass flow through the turbines is much less than the wind mass flow captured by the machine.

I have seen some interesting and original ideas in this thread, but you are wasting YOUR energy trying to improve on the efficiency of a modern wind turbine.

All of this, I waste my energy ,you able to understand that there are other, much more efficient ways of using wind energy.

I know your great love for modern wind turbine, but you must remember that any excessive love sent your eyes, and impossible for an objective view of reality.

Besides, is not just about the same efficiency, but also for it to be able to build a very simple structure that even the next 4,000 years will exist. I makes sense to build on the sea, because they almost always wind blows from one direction - from the sea. And so it will probably still over the next 4000 years...
  In such a structure may be, for example, 100 such horizontal " flat venturi " and long for 300 meters. Constructed channels will lead to negative pressure turbines which generate much electricity. And the only element consuming to be turbine generators. The rest should survive 4000 years without repairs...

So with these issues will be decisive, not only we can improve the efficiency of Venturi amplifier.

Well unless the people have lost the ability to build such structures ...

And here in a better resolution though you wanted to see more details: Pyramids.jpg

But who will be Pharaoh?? ;)

In other forum:
[quote=Vicegrip;362904]Correct if you calulate based on single lift pulse per wing cycle. Bees get 2 lifts per wing cycle. People used to think the earth was flat and at the the center too.

Please to let us know how to make complex structures that are both strong enough to self suport and to resist 4000 years of storms? We simple people can see how a simple shape pile of rocks could last in an area that does not see sub 0C temps. Now all you need to do is figure out how to make electricity from a pile of rocks.

The pile of rocks:

[quote=BlackTalon;363012]Hmmm, as someone with a structural engineering background, I see potential problems with that structure :lol:

[quote=Lupin..the..3rd;363013]Needs more rocks.

[quote=Vicegrip;363015]No, I think it needs less air.

And I have hope that over the last 4,000 years we have learned, to build something more than just the pyramids and the pyramids.... :roll:

[quote=Vicegrip;363467]Not stones, Concrete with much steel and piping in it. Well under 100 years old and under constant care, maintenance and upgrades. Nothing polite about this project. Read up a bit and you will find it was made out of men and material. 0.0 % clever, 100% brute force and slide rule engineering.

Concrete is a pile of stones, only a tiny...

If we use the design of computers, calculators to calculate the type, ml

It can be 100% clean design
And even more politely 'll gain energy. And then it will be possible, for the next 4000 years.

Snoopy inspired me.. :)

First, the architects built the pyramids, then the rectangular houses. Now for the houses in the shape of airfoil :rolleyes:

Regards Andrew :) :) :D

Here PhotoStream proposal, which has improved aerodynamics and a little stiffness to the system add..

some histo:

Originally posted by Chopper
Welcome back Andrew.

One day it will fly

:eureka 2_HIAWM

Regards Andrew :) :)

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Feliks - 11/7/2011 um 01:51

And here's the picture of Homer family watching the Red Baron Windmill prototype with flat Venturi nozzles.
If you meet all expectations, this is a prototype of Homer performs with Stone, as Pharaoh himself had wished.
And it will be a very durable building, well, for example, compared to the ridiculously short life of nuclear reactors...

Best Regards Andrew :) :)

With a dash of fantasy.

Oh yes, a little bit of you have, then a little knowledge and work reliably over the idea and new invention ready.....

Here you can see perfectly that we can get plenty of potential energy generated by the aerodynamics, without any propellers....
It allows a range of up to 3000 km by glider...

Instead, we can build an automatic flow of balls so that they can be sucked into the pipe.
A falling ball (or WATER) with wings, they can hit their way back after a shoulder wheel, similar to a water wheel, giving him his potential energy ..

Well, the automatic circuit, will cause the "Hercules" he can rest.
This is just an example of how we can use another way of generating energy this way.


Instead, we can build an automatic flow of balls so that they can be sucked into the pipe.
A falling ball (or WATER) with wings, they can hit their way back after a shoulder wheel, similar to a water wheel, giving him his potential energy ..

Well, the automatic circuit, will cause the "Hercules" he can rest.
This is just an example of how we can use another way of generating energy this way.

"The Water Wind Power Plant"

Love for "tuning" not gone...

Andrew :) :)

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